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Can have a great impact on plastic pollution


Can discuss it with your favorite restaurant / bar / shop & send them our flyer


Can help businesses implement sustainable development practices

The WSP label

Will help you see which businesses make efforts to reduce plastic pollution

Check out WSP approved businesses!


We are excited to announce Chef Adrian Villarreal and Rreal Tacos participation with the Whale Shark Project! Hailing originally from Mexico,  Adrian, with Rreal Tacos  brought his experience and knowledge of Latin cuisine to Midtown Atlanta in 2015 to start Rreal Tacos.

In addition to using natural, sustainable, as well as local and organic ingredients when possible, Rreal Tacos puts a number of sustainable initiatives throughout their restaurant into practice. Some of them include sorting and recycling plastic, using reusable silverware inside the restaurant, compost-able silverware and cardboard to-go boxes for to go orders and catering. They also use paper or biodegradable bags instead of regular plastic for trash, paper bags, and compostable silverware as opposed to plastic and Styrofoam for carry out items.

To further their plastic-reducing practices and in joining the Whale Shark Project’s initiative, Rreal Taco’s will give out plastic straws by request only :)


The Whale Shark Project is excited to have The Junkman's Daughter join us help protect our planet! The Junkman's Daughter has been voted as one of the 25 Best Independent stores in America. Located in Little Five Points, this superstore sells unique and quirky men and women fashions, gifts, collectibles, toys, books, costumes and more!   

Once a week, The Junkman’s Daughter's employees take plastic bags/film, styrofoam, and cardboard to The Center for Hard to Recycle Materials (CHaRM). Their bubblewrap & packaging peanuts get reused to pack any breakable items that customers may buy. They ask their vendors to reduce excess packaging or advertising material. They have been carrying reusable shopping bags, shoppers, lunch bags, etc. that are made from recycled materials.


In addition, after partnering with the Whale Shark Project, The Junkman’s Daughter will advertise those reusable bags even more and encourage people to bring their own. They'll also recommand to bring back their old Junkman's Daughter plastic bags so they can recycle them (or repurpose them as plastic yarn) and advertise as such on theirsocial media outlets.

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