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Our Actions

There are plenty of things we've been working on. If you are interested, join us or see things you can do to reduce plastic pollution!

Since the project started in 2017, not only have we been creating the teams, forming alliances with other organizations, and getting funding for the project, but we have completed several milestones in terms of communication for our campaign:


  • We have launched a survey to measure awareness around plastic pollution



  • We are partnering with the Sierra Club: they are collecting plastic bags for the sculpture and communicating about our project



  • We’ve organized several events:


  •  2 collective impact events: explaining the project and gathering ideas from the community


  • 7 plarn parties: collecting plastic bags and making plastic yarn for the skin of the sculpture while discussing plastic pollution


  • We are giving out free reusable items and have provided informative magnets for the dorm fridges


  • 2 businesses agreed to set up anti-plastic-pollution measures to get the Whale Shark Project label (rreal tacos and the junkman’s daughter), and it’s been a success so far (customers have been enthusiastic about the project). We are working on getting more businesses to join


  • We’ve launched a student competition in partnership with Atlanta Public Schools, to have students from Elementary through High school work on plastic art research, or community action

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