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People are amazing, check out these crazy initiatives

Reloom: handwoven products to help the homeless in Atlanta

4oceans bracelet: remove one pound of trash from the coastlines

Precious plastic: open source machines to recycle your own plastic

Plastic odyssey: a boat powered by solar power and plastic waste

Byfusion: building blocs from recycled plastic

Cutter to recycle your own bottles into wire

Oregon bottle deposit system


Artists also do crazy things with plastic


Fabrice Monterro & Doulsy

High Museum of Arts, Atlanta


Pam Longobardi

The drifter project, Atlanta

Pam Longobardi

The drifter project, Atlanta


Angela Haseltine Pozzi

Washed ashore, Bandon, OR

Mella Shaw.jpg

Mella Shaw

ReCicle, London

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