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There are many things you can do to reduce plastic pollution in Atlanta, most of them are easy & fun

Below you'll find details about how to recycle, reuse, educate and develope the community. For a summary of resources, click here

The first step towards plastic pollution reduction is recycling.

Basically, in Georgia:

  • put hard plastics (bottles, boxes...) in your recycling cubicle

  • bring plastic wraps (bags, films...) to your local grocery store. If you throw away plastic wraps in your recycling cubicle, it will contaminate the recycling factory


If you are creative or enjoy handiwork, you're going to love these ideas to reuse plastic waste!

... will take my plastic wraps?


Even better than recycling: not using plastic items when it's not necessary!

  • You can purchase reusable grocery bags, straws, bottles... to reduce drastically your plastic footprint

  • Help us support places that make an effort with reusable, recycled or biodegradable ustensils


source : CPLabSafety


Once you are familiar with the issue, you can help spread the word!

  • Take and share this survey to test your knowledge

  • Discuss plastic pollution with your family, customers, employees...


  • You are a teacher?

encourage your students to participate in our competition


​​The Whale Shark Project is based on the idea that if we want to see lasting change, we need to tackle the issue from all its angles using the expertise of different organizations & people. 


Community is the key to change and resilience, this is why we work with local businesses, schools, artists, local government etc.


You can contribute greatly by helping grow our community:

  • share about the project on social media

  • check out artists who fight plastic pollution

  • contact us to get help in organizing a PLARN party: make plastic yarn that will be used on the sculpture while discussing sustainable development. You can organize PLARN parties at work, at school or at home with your friends / neighbours

  • ask your favorite restaurant or bar to join the WSP

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