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Understanding plastic pollution

In the US, every day we use

Under 9% of plastic trash is recycled, and a good portion of this plastic ends up in the oceans

This creates gyres where currents meet (there are 5 gyres in our oceans, the size of small continents)

Plastic remains there for hundreds of years, turning to toxic microplastic particles, killing marine life and contaminating our seafood dishes and water

At this rate, there will be more plastic

than fish in the oceans by 2050


We decided to take action because there are easy ways to improve the situation:

  • recycling better

  • and reducing single use items (50% of plastic use today)

Want to learn more ?

Watch this short video (2 min)

or this one (10 min)

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Watch this TEDx from our sponsor - GA Aquarium (10 min)

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